Lockdown Doesn't Stop Us!
While a number of us will have had photography trips etc cancelled, members have been trying to make the most of the lockdown period. With Boris's blessings some have ventured out locally for their daily exercise and have found new genres of photography especially that involving wildlife, insects and invertebrates. It's also been pleasing to see so many members joining our Zoom meetings which have included: Our Town in Pictures, where members captured images of Nuneaton as it is now and over the Covid period and an historical talk and images of the old Co-Op Hall, ABC and Ritz cinemas - in its day Nuneaton did attract some great bands!; and an evening of Close Up/Macro work; some great travel photography from New York and Cuba; and a fabulous presentation from a member of Bromley Camera Club on Indoor Photography; and not forgetting the NPS Best Animal digital competition.

Further Zoom meetings have been set up including: Working With Texture, by Janey Lazenby, a fine arts equestrian photographer, Photography and Lightpads, by ex-Nuneaton lass, Anne Hiel, who has produced some fabulous work with translucent plants etc on a lightpad.

So stay tuned and, if you're not a member of NPS but would like a taster (even if it is via Zoom), let us know.

11 May 2019
Canon 6D Mark II by Kim

I bought a Fuji XT2 some time back but my passion is really wildlife photography and Fuji just wasn't able to do what I wanted, so I also invested in a Canon 7D Mark II. But I found having two different systems just wasn't ideal for me and both were crop sensors. So I took the plunge and traded in all of my Fuji gear and bought the Canon 6D Mark II. (I kept my 7D Mark II due to it being a crop sensor and the 6D Mark II being full frame).

The decision was made on a number of things:

- the 6D Mark II handles low light conditions well;
- its weight;
- affordability and flexibility; and
- now I can use the same camera/system/lens on both cameras for my wildlife and when I'm just out and about on holiday.

The articulated screen is a very useful feature - being a touch screen makes it easier to change settings without having to scroll through the menu tabs. The build quality doesn’t feel as good as the 7D Mark II, but I guess this is due to the 6D being lighter.

Overall though, I am very satisfied with this camera; I feel I now have the best of both, cropped and full frame and I'm very pleased with the quality of the wildlife images I'm now getting.

28 April 2019
COVID 19 and the Photographer

Listening to the radio it seems a lot of people are saying the social distancing is making them slow down from their usual hectic lifestyle. Now I know well if I said that, at least two young lady club members would probably say 'If you slowed down anymore you'd be horizontal!'. Naughty but true!

In my case this record breaking spell of April sunshine has really helped me to cope. It means I can go out every day for a walk over the fields (only 5 minutes away) sometimes with my binoculars or camera, sometimes with neither. And what a great time it is to get out for those walks with the bird song really taking off, different species arriving and also butterflies appearing.

It's also given me time to do some jobs I've been meaning to do for a long time; sorting out old images on my computer. The result is thousands of images have gone into the bin but I've also found a few that I hadn't processed and now I can do a better job on them. I've finally got up to the year 2019 - so not many more to go.

Keeping in touch with friends and relatives during these times is also important and thankfully technology lets us do this in so many ways. An added bonus has been the Club Zoom meetings set up by Jayne and for face-face chats set up by Alan B with friends.

So, am I bored? No way, there's so much to do. And, lets face it time is not on my side so lets get on with it!

Alan Rich, President.

13th January - Tonight we had a great 'walk down memory lane'. Mark Palmer, from Nuneaton Memories presented images of Nuneaton old, not so old and slightly old! Boy did it bring back memories of how the town used to look, where we all used to go for a crafty drink or a visit to one of the town's many cinemas! It certainly got members talking and reminiscing. So what better way to launch our Club project. So, if you see someone out and about in the Nuneaton area taking photos of what you might not have even given a second look at, it could be one of us; capturing what the town: streets, architecture, businesses, characters and much more are like today so we can help Mark preserve the memories for the future. If you would like to know more, why don't you come and pay us a visit? Our next meeting will be on 27th January when Graham Neville will be providing an audio visual experience at the Chestnuts Club, Old Hinckley Road, Nuneaton starting at 8.00 pm sharp.

6th January - It was great to see so many members again after the Christmas break. As it was time to pay our subs it was a relaxed evening, with some members bringing along images that they have taken over the course of 2019. We also had the pleasure of a couple of potential new members, Daren and Mark, coming along to see what 'we are all about'.
Next week we have a guest speaker, Mark Palmer who manages the Nuneaton Memories Facebook group. Mark's going to be giving us a talk about images from the past, and no doubt present, to show us how our town has changed (but is it for the better though?) over time. We will be using this session to launch our club project 'Your Town In Pictures' - more on that next week!